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I've been a photographer for almost two decades. Before that, I spent 16 years as an actor in New York and Los Angeles. As far as headshots are concerned, my years as an actor, more than anything else, have influenced my eye and working style behind the camera. I know what it's like to be in your position.


I feel our photo session will work best if we meet first, so we can both get comfortable. It gives me a sense of who you are, what types of roles you audition for, and what you are hoping to accomplish in our session together. The Hi, how do you do, let's shoot, never seems to work. Our meeting is just as important as our shoot.

This applies to both headshot sessions and zed-card sessions. However, with zed-card sessions, we will pick a day prior to our shoot to go through clothes. For headshots, bringing your clothes the day of the shoot is sufficient.


The session is easy and simple. It's all about being relaxed. We’ve already met, we already know what we’re going to do, now we just have fun and do it. The environment that I shoot in couldn't be more conducive to relaxation, at the top of a mountain, overlooking the city. When you are relaxed and comfortable, and not feeling pressure, your true personality will shine through; then I simply capture you. It's easy. Honestly. There's nothing to it at all. It doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. It's like acting; when you want to be good, and you're trying, it never happens. When you just relax and are in the moment, it's magic. It flows. THAT'S how we work together! I shoot only one woman or two men a day -- you'll never be rushed through a shoot simply because another client has shown up. This is NOT a factory. This is about YOU.

Your comfort, your ease, and your thoughts are what it's all about. Once that's in place, you can see it in your eyes! And your eyes will tell us everything!

I have several packages available, and no matter which package you choose, I will shoot until I feel like we have captured what we set out to accomplish. There is never any time limit or specific amount of JPG's. I'm going for the shot that cannot be ignored, that compels an agent or casting director to call you in regardless of whether they know you or not. How can you put a time limit on that?


I also pay close attention to things that can distract from the photograph, like excess makeup. I have worked with an enormous amount of different hair and make-up artists before settling on the three whose work is consistently superior. All of the artists I work with stay throughout the session and are sensitive to your individual needs and tastes.


Most of the top agencies, managers, casting directors, directors and acting coaches send me their clients. I love what I do... I'm passionate about it... and, I love helping people if I can. There are many talented photographers in town. See us, get a feel of our work and who we are. Go with the one that feels right for you!

Please feel free to email or call to set an appointment. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.