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1 look - $495

2 looks - $595

3 looks - $675

4 looks - $750

5 looks - $825

6 looks - $900

Hair and Makeup:

$85 for men $125-$150 for women.

Every package you chose comes with the same attention to detail I strive to give

every one of my clients. There is never a time limit, nor a limit on the number of images.

I think its imperative to meet first. A general meeting is always offered, suggested,

and recommended, prior to setting up a shoot. This is at NO CHARGE!

During our meeting we will go over the direction you need to move towards, the right

color choices for you, the looks that are right for you, and any fears or hesitations

concerning your shoot.

Simply stated: A headshot HAS to be about who YOU are. And YOU need to be comfortable

and relaxed to allow the real YOU to come through!

If you're not getting through the doors to see people, more than likely, it's due to your

headshot- lets change that once and for all!

I rely upon my experience as not only an actor for 17 years, but now as a photographer

for almost 20 years.

Zedcard Pricing - Please see "Other Work" for examples.

$650 for 3 looks.

$100 each additional look.

Hair and Makeup:

$100 for men $175-$200 for women.

All other Pricing please call for day rates and quotes.